Wish List etc

Dreams and fancies and projects long forgotten. These are additional to the projects listed on the Plans page. The figures may not yet exist for some of these projects which explains why some of them haven't been realised!

Renaissance (Irregular Wars: Conflict at the World's End, 15mm)

There are some additional armies that interest me, but I need to finish - or even start - my Irish, English and Spanish intervention armies first:
  • Spanish-Mapuche Wars.
  • Barbary Pirates (Berber list). These raided the coasts of Britain and Ireland so can be exotic opponents for my English and Irish armies.
  • Moghul-Rajput Wars, because I like elephants.

Eighteenth Century (Maurice, 10mm)

I was considering Jacobite Rebellion and AWI armies for Maurice, but I may not proceed with these now I already have the SYW ones.

Nineteenth Centry Continental (Bloody Big Battles!, 6mm)

Besides the Franco-Prussian War, I'd also like to have some 6mm armies for the Franco-Austrian War of 1859 and the Austro-Prussian War of 1866. As the FPW armies could be recycled, it would mainly mean doing two Austrian armies, one in tunic and one in greatcoat. 

Nineteenth Century - Colonial (Rules and scales undecided)

  • Sikh Wars
  • Indian Mutiny
  • Sudan
  • NW Frontier
  • Boxer Rebellion

Twentieth Century

  • WW2 1940 Belgium operational level - 3mm (Bloody Big WW2 Battles).
  • First Balkan War (Bulgarians vs Ottomans) - 6mm/10mm (Bloody Big Battles! and/or Square Bashing)
  • WW1 Western Front 1914 (British vs Germans) - 12mm - (Square Bashing/Crossfire/Great War Spearhead/Bloody Big Battles!).
  • Russo-Polish War/Russian Civil War etc - 10mm - (Red Actions).
  • Spartacist Uprising/Imaginary 1926 'VBCW' - 10mm - (Red Actions/Square Bashing).
  • Mexican Revolution - 10mm - (Red Actions).
  • Chaco War - 15mm - Crossfire, Bloody Big WW2 Battles.
  • WW2 Japanese* - 10mm/15mm - Crossfire.
  • French Indo-China War* - 15mm - Crossfire (some figures collected).
  • Yom Kippur War/Indo-Pakistan War - 3mm - Bloody Big WW2 Battles.
(*jungle scenery made in anticipation)


Post-Apocalyptic skirmish - 28mm - FUBAR/Flying Lead. 


Renaissance Naval - 1/1200
Spanish Armada (skirmish level) - 1/600 - Galleys & Galleons
Anglo-Dutch Wars Naval - 1/2400 - General-at-Sea
WW2 Mediterranean British vs Italian - 1/6000 - Grand Fleets II